Freshmen Info

What's Freshmen year all about? 

- Make a 4-year plan for high school.  Figure out what classes you'll need to take during each year you're here.  See your school counselor for help. All the info you need is in the Program of Studies. 

- Think you know about college?  Make sure you're not falling for any of these 10 college myths! (click on the 1)

- Start (or continue) doing your homework every night—you should be averaging 1-1 1/2 hours/night.

- Learn how to study better! Be determined to get A's and B's no matter what!  Colleges don't care about anything less. (click on the S)

- If you get behind or are just not getting it, get some help immediately! The longer you wait to see your teacher, the deeper the hole gets. This is the biggest reason kids fail classes—they wait too long and give up.

- Try out for a sport, join a club, get on student council, DO SOMETHING because you'll need more than good grades to be successful in life, not to mention get into college.

- Get to know your school counselor. Stop in and make sure you have a good schedule, ask them for help with anything, and tell them your good news or bad.